On Stage






Mel Stahler - Lead Vocals

Growing up in southern Ohio, Mel developed vocal roots deep in the Southern Rock vein. After a fifteen year run singing with the Larry King Orchestra, Mel has decided to go back to singing the music that he loves: Southern Rock. When you hear Mel apply his lyrical style to this project, we know you will agree he made the right decision.   








Bruce Alan Jay - Guitar

Born in Kentucky, Bruce began playing guitar at age 11.  He moved to a Virginia suburb of Washington DC where he studied music at NVCC and George Mason University continuing to play rock, pop, jazz, country as lead guitar in numerous local & regional bands.  Since coming to Chicago area he taught guitar both live and thru his own series of Rock Guitar Instructionial DVDs. His early love of this music ultimately led him back to southern rock and modern country with the other great players in Buckshot Bully.

Billy Caldwell - Guitar  
(Pic and bio under construction) 




Bob Erickson - Bass

Bob is the melodic half of our rhythm section. Inspired by the likes of Jack Bruce, Mel Schacher and John Wetton, he brings a wide variety of styles to the stage and crafts them into a country and southern rock groove that keeps the bottom of our tunes thundering.   


Pete Herbig - Drums

Pete is a rock solid, in the pocket drummer. Heavily influenced by the Chicago blues scene, Pete was house drummer on the Jones cablevision show Guest list which promoted Chicago blues artists. Here is where he learned, less is more. Stay in the pocket and keep the groove. He was privileged to play with artists like Lonnie Brooks, Charlie Love, Tommy Giblin, Dion Payton, and Larry McCray on the show. Funky blues is the foundation for his style. Pete also played drums in the band Pink Freud, Pink Floyd tribute, for about 10 years plus many other local bands. Today he also likes Southern and Country Rock , Modern Country, Classic Rock, R & B, and Funk. Pete is the perfect choice for Buckshot Bully - Southern and Country Rock with attitude!!!!!

Special Thanks to three of our founding members - Jason Dirx, Rodney Watson (RIP) and Terry Prater